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The Lodge Banner

The design of the Lodge Emblem, as depicted on the Banner and Past Masters Jewels’ was undertaken by Worshipful Bro. Robert Vergette, the third Master of the Lodge in 1944.

In 1950 he presented to the Lodge a Banner, which had been made by his wife, who was a member of the Royal School of Needlework.

The Banner was dedicated by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Right Worshipful Brother Edgar J. Rutter OSM, who was the first Master of the Lodge and it remained in service in the Lodge until 1981, when it was refurbished to its original splendor.

During the storms in January 1995 it suffered extensive water damage and was again subjected to refurbishment.  This time, because the damage had caused the Banner to rot in many places, it was carefully taken apart and major restoration work to the embroidery was undertaken, to restore the Banner to its original glory, being careful to match the type and colour of embroidery silk used more then forty years earlier as well as the  expert needlework of the original maker.

The Banner normally hangs proudly in the Edgar J. Rutter Temple, in Cardiff Masonic Hall complex, which is used for the Lodges Regular Meetings.

The Lodge of Three Pillars
No. 5857

Warranted 7th September 1942 Consecrated 9th October 1942

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